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known as Zeemiri, clockworkwyverns, or transwhooper elsewhere

:iconchai-n-mighty: see the bae

No drama in the chat.

This is applied to both personal drama and outside drama. We don't want that in our chat, continuing to do so after a warning will result in an insta-ban. No kicks need be given. 

Examples of this in the past have been people bringing in bad feelings from another chat, starting fights and not respecting other people's opinions. 

Which brings me to the second rule.

Respect other people's opinions.

I realize that you all have your own opinions, you are all different people and your uniqueness is a good thing. But not when it gets in the way of a pleasant atmosphere in the chat. Picking fights or slandering someone else because they think differently about a certain subject than you do will be punishable with a kick/warning, and then if the matter is pursued, a ban. Please refrain from blatantly attacking people's opinions, everyone is entitled to their own. 

Small addendum: While everybody is entitled to their own opinions, harmful opinions (those that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, biphobic, etc.) are not tolerated under any circumstances. You will get a warning, and then a kick, if you pursue any of these topics.

Do not spam in the chat.

This covers everything from icon-spammage to thumbs to emoticons to text. Just don't do it, guys. This will be punished with either a kick or a ban, depending on severity and past offenses. Don't post emoticons over and over, don't fill up people's screens with walls of nonsense-text, don't spam icons or thumbs. 


Roleplaying can be done in paragraph or script form, inside or outside the room. Italics are common, but not strictly necessary. Please only bold RP requests, not the actual posts.

In addition, there will be no 'steameh hawt sexeh roleplay' done in OCMeetsOC. At all. We have young people in the chat and it is not okay. Breaking this sub-rule will result in an instant ban. We do not condone these types of RP, but if you must, take it somewhere else. We don't want to know about it.

Please only post RP requests once every fifteen minutes.

No cyberbullying.

Must I really write this? We do not condone attacking another member of the chat, nor will we tolerate it. This will result in an insta-ban, you have been warned.


Trolls will be banned. It is up to the mods themselves to decide wether or not someone is trolling and act accordingly. There will be no pardons for trolls unless they can prove that it was all a misunderstanding, which hasn't happened yet. Surprise me and win a cookie.

Do not insult or disrespect the mods.

Pretty self-explanatory, this one. Don't. Depending on severity, you can be banned.

Have fun.

These rules are meant to keep fun in the chat, not a frown on your face. (Corny, yaddayaddayadda.) If you aren't having fun, something is very, very wrong and you need to contact someone about it. We will refund your defective fun and get you some fun that actually works. 

Tab a mod with this sentence after you have finished reading the rules: "randompurplekitty is a dude." You can then be sorted into the class that best fits your style of roleplay.

note: Tabbing is achieved by typing out the first few letters of a user's name, then hitting the 'tab' button (located over capslock on most keyboards).

You do NOT have to post a character sheet.

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